Guilty Gear Strive’s crossplay beta will be free for everyone, reduced input lag on PS5 is now live

Arc System Works continues to improve on an already stellar product.

Arc System Works is on a roll with Guilty Gear Strive currently sitting as the most popular fighting game in the world. And now, it’s looking to expand that success with the upcoming inclusion of a crossplay update that will allow players on console and PC to play together with no barriers. 

The developers previously said that an open beta for the new feature would be held at some point during mid-September, but the team has delayed it slightly toward the end of the month or into early October to make sure everything is ready. But even with that delay, the rest of the information included in this most recent dev update should have fans excited. 

Not only did series creator Daisuke Ishiwatari finally put an end to discussions surrounding Bridgets gender identity, confirming that she self-identifies as a woman, but the dev team has confirmed the crossplay beta will be open to anyoneeven if they dont own GGST

The exact details of this free integration will be shared at a later date along with the actual dates for the beta test, but ArcSys is working on this so players can easily invite a friend to play in hopes of getting as many people to try it out. 

Crossplay is still a ways out, with a planned release during the autumn 2022 release window if everything goes well. And while ArcSys will continue communicating the progress on implementing that feature, players can enjoy an improved GGST experience thanks to a decrease in input lag for the PlayStation 5 version of the gamewhich has now made it equivalent to the performance of the PS4 Pro version. 

The Steam version of the game has also been further optimized, with ArcSys noting players should see a 30 to 40 percent decrease in the time it takes to connect to the games servers. Further optimization is on the way soon, too.

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