GTA Online players start petition for highly requested feature

This is something players have been waiting for a long time

Grand Theft Auto Online has been a big hit since its launch back in 2015, but despite the multitude of updates, one feature that players have been asking for has not become a reality yet. Logging into an invite-only session as soon as the game starts up is a much-desired feature, and fans on Reddit have started a petition to get Rockstar to take notice.

You can already load into GTA Online by default, but then have to manually go into a private session. This petition aims to skip the middle-man so players can get straight into resupplying their businesses or playing with friends.

This one step might seem minuscule to some players, but regular GTA Online players know the pain of waiting in queue to join a session at times. This step glosses over that phase entirely and should let players join a preferred lobby directly through an invite from a friend or a player they have recently played with. It is a quality-of-life upgrade that has been requested for years now.

Players have been taking actions such as directly loading into their properties to alleviate this issue, but that is not optimal. The petition has already started gaining traction and you can see the number of people signed up for it already. If you believe in this cause, while we wait for GTA 6 to launch, you can sign the petition and hope that we see the changes that we have wanted for a while.

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