Grubby and Slacks prove praying to Gaben in Dota 2 does occasionally work

Grubby and Slacks are the perfect duo of chaotic energy.

Popular streamer and RTS professional player, Grubby, has been making waves on the Dota 2 scene in the last couple of months. Primarily an Age of Empires, Warcraft 3, and Starcraft 2 player, Grubby entered the Dota 2 scene bringing a wave of positivity with him that was infectious enough to attract several players from the scene to support him.

Famous players such as two-time TI winner Ceb and former TI winner s4 have coached Grubby on several occasions while he streams his A to Z challenge on Twitch. The challenge involves playing all 123 heroes in Dota 2 as part of the learning process and finding the best fit for him through his ranked journey. While most of the Dota 2 pro players have coached Grubby on the core aspects of the game, there were some other key personalities from the Dota 2 scene that decided to help him.

Jacob Kenner, more popularly known as SirActionSlacks, or simply Slacks, has jumped into Grubby’s streams at various points in time to offer him guidance on his journey. While the pro players and analysts have been more of serious fundamental help to Grubby, Slacks’ sarcastic and meme-worthy nature coupled with his chaotic energy just made him a perfect foil for Grubby.

This clip is part of one of Grubby’s A to Z challenge streams where he tested out Vengeful Spirit for the first time. Playing him as a support, Slacks decided to coach him on the stream. Although the word “support” might mean something very different to Slacks, he coached Grubby as best he could in this game.

At one point in time, Grubby gains the Trusty Shovel neutral item, which allows players to dig for either a Bounty rune, a Mango, or a Healing Salve. What Grubby needed the most here was a Healing Salve for his team. Since the item drop is random, Slacks tells Grubby to “pray to Lord Gaben” and he does, resulting in Grubby gaining the Healing Salve he needed.

While Gabe Newell is the founder of Valve and the owner of Dota 2, it is clear that he has no bearing on the game. And several players can attest that a lot of the RNG in the game can be pretty skewed at times, with some players throwing out critical strike after strike or multiple bashes in a row while others barely see any action on those abilities.

Now we aren’t saying that Gabe Newell is watching, but every Dota 2 player knows that Lord Gaben giveth when needeth most. And this incident is living proof.

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