Graves, Jayce, and Pantheon join TFT Set 7.5 champion roster as 4-cost carriers

New carriers bring back the power of a four-cost champion in TFT.

Three notable champions return to Teamfight Tactics Set 7.5 as four-cost carriers, showcasing powerful spells and abilities. 

Balancing the power of tier-three dragons in Uncharted Realms, the TFT team has added Graves, Jayce, and Pantheon as four-cost carriers. Set Seven four-cost carriers paled compared to the tier-four dragons toward the end of Set Seven. Adding Graves, Jayce, and Pantheon to Set 7.5 should give players flexibility when choosing a mid and late-game carrier. Both Graves and Pantheon are AD carriers, while Jayce is an AP carry.

Graves TFT Set 7.5

Last seen in Set Six, Graves returns to TFT with a few new tricks up his sleeve. The four-cost champion has Tempest and Cannoneer traits, with his spell showcasing passive and active versions. Graves is an AD carrier, benefiting from attack damage items like Bloodthirster and Titans Resolve.

Basic attacks from Graves shoot out in a cone of four bullets, striking his enemies for 80/85/300 percent of his attack damage. His active has Graves dash towards his target, firing off two attacks and granting himself armor and magic resistance for four seconds. 

Jayce TFT Set 7.5

From five-cost to four, Jayce is in top form with Guild and Shapeshifter traits. As a Guild member, Jayce provides bonus attack damage and ability power to guildmates. Jayce is an AP carry who can deal out massive damage with the Jeweled Gauntlet and Infinity Edge combo. He starts as a short-range unit. And upon casting his spell, Jayce transforms and dishes out his Mercury Judgement ability.

Mercury Judgement has Jayce leap into the air and slam the board, knocking up enemies for 1.5 seconds. While in the air, he gains 250/350/800 magic damage and 100 health shield per nearby enemy for three seconds. 

Pantheon TFT Set 7.5

Pantheon has been absent the longest of the three returning TFT champions, last seen during Set Five. His traits in Set 7.5 are Whispers and Warrior. Pantheon, like Graves, also has a passive and active spell. And Pantheon is an AD carrier that benefits from items like Deathblade and Bloodthirster. 

While in passive mode, Pantheon takes 20/25/40 percent less damage. In active mode, Pantheon braces his shield for two seconds, doubling the effectiveness of his passive while dealing out 300 percent of his attack damage as physical damage repeatedly to enemies in front of him. All enemies hit with Pantheon’s blasts have their healing reduced by 50 percent for three seconds, synergizing with the Whispers trait.

Players can test out the three new TFT Set 7.5 champions through PBE testing that starts on Aug. 24 or through the official release of Dragonlands Uncharted Realms on Sept. 8.

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