‘Good f*****g riddance’: LoL esports world reacts to TSM’s decision to quit LCS

There was no holding back.

As the dust settles following TSM’s landmark May 20 announcement to depart the LCS after over a decade of competition, the news is still sinking in for a League of Legends community caught off-guard.

While the storied North American organization won’t be leaving League in its entiretywith a likely move to the LPL on the cardsmany aired their grievances with its decision to leave the struggling region on social media.

Of all the responses made, none hit harder than that of commentator Isaac “Azael” Cummings-Bentley, who ripped apart the move saying “Honestly at this point all I can say is… good fucking riddance.”

Azael acknowledged the organization’s legacy as one of the greatest in North American League historybut also believes the org lost sight of what truly mattered in the LCS. It’s a sentiment shared by Path to LCS caster Erick “Decerux” Beltran, who added, “[TSM CEO Reginald] will do anything to avoid investing in the region.”

The North American esports scene has taken some heavy hits over the course of 2023 so far. April saw the demise of Counter-Logic Gaming after a decade in the esport. Consequences have not just affected those in League; Overwatch franchise squad Dallas Fuel moved their home base to Korea after five years of competition in the West Region, with CEO Hastr0 noting “a period where we have a lot of transition.

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Former Golden Guardians Academy coach Barento “Raz” Mohammed pointed out the gigantic hole TSM will leave behind, saying the move as a whole “sucks for old fans and new.” With TSM gone, it’s unclear who will pick up the now-vacant LCS slot.

Content creator David Szajnuk took an alternate angle, highlighting the organization’s true goala Worlds titlerequires a necessary sacrifice, and that the org’s choice “isn’t for me” or fans in general.

Some took to memeing on the departing org, while others were stumped as to why TSMwhich had reportedly begun seeking a transition out of the league three years agowould continue to import stars from overseas ahead of its departure.

In any case, TSM will be the talk of the town from now right up until the team debut in their new homeset to be the LPLin Summer 2024.

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