Golden Guardians’ Olleh picks Dr. Mundo support in LCS Summer Split victory over TSM

It's the first time Mundo support has been played in a major region.

Golden Guardians support player Olleh selected Dr. Mundo in todays win over TSM, marking the first time the champion has ever been picked for the support position in a major League of Legends game.

Olleh earned first blood on TSM AD carry Tactical in todays game while laning alongside his AD carry Stixxay, who was playing Senna. Golden Guardians approach in the bottom lane revolved around feeding farm into Olleh during the laning phase in order as part of a widely accepted fasting Senna strategy. By the time the game ended, Olleh finished with a scoreline of 2/0/6 and 267 CS to his name.

Olleh may have picked Dr. Mundo in todays game against TSM because of the buffs the champion received as a result of the durability update in Patch 12.10. The champions improved defensive stats turned him into a late-game tank for Golden Guardians, who relied heavily on Olleh to establish a beefy frontline in the later stages of todays game. 

Dr. Mundo had been picked three times as a support during the 2021 season, but never during an official major region game. The champion was picked twice as support in Oceanias LCO Split 2 last season and once in Koreas Kespa Cup, an unofficial tournament, last December. All three of those picks notably came following Dr. Mundos full-scale rework implemented in Patch 11.12 last summer, according to League stats site The previous iteration of the champion was never picked as a support.

Historically, Dr. Mundo has been picked over 1,100 times as a top laner, according to He has only 150 combined picks across all other roles on Summoners Rift, with most of those selections in 2021. While he was a significant pick last season, Dr. Mundo was also at the forefront of the professional meta in 2018 and 2014.

Olleh and Golden Guardians will look to push the meta further when they return to action on the LCS stage next Saturday, July 2, against Immortals. 

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