Golden Guardians expands Smash Melee roster, signs aMSa one day after losing Zain

Paired with HomeMadeWaffles? You can't get much better than this.

The adage of first being the worst and second being the best doesnt typically apply in actual competitive environments. However, with Golden Guardians losing the top Super Smash Bros. Melee to free agency, the organization quickly rebounded by signing the second-ranked player in the world, Masaya “aMSa” Chikamoto.

This is the first time aMSa has been sponsored by an esports org outside Japan since his Melee career began in 2013 as he took the world by storm at Evo. It also marks the end of his decade-long run as a VGBootCamp playerthough he will remain with Red Bull with this move. 

AMSa has always been a player known for his incredible play and for hitting the grind harder than anyone else as he strives to improve. That grind paid off in 2022, as he took multiple Smash Major titles for the first time in his career and became the first player to ever win a Major with Yoshi at The Big House 10.

This is a big show from GG that the org will remain an active part of the Melee community at the absolute highest level after top-ranked player Zain announced his departure yesterday. Signing aMSa allows them to retain representation in the current top-five conversation, while also bringing on a beloved community figure to help push content forward.

That signing alone was huge, but GG doubled down by bringing in another big name and part of Melees Voice of the West Coast, HomeMadeWaffles.

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Waff is mostly known for his commentary and content creation, but he is also a player who has been active in the scene since 2008. It is also a full-circle moment for him, as he is now playing under an org that represents his hometown and favorite sports team.

He joins GG alongside aMSa as the team continues to grow its presence in Meleeadding to a strong roster that already featured Toph, PPMD, and n0ne.

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