Go Ballistic: Apex’s season 17 kicks off with new legend and fully loaded Arsenal

Oh yeah, it's all coming together.

Apex Legends players have a ton of content to pore over starting today. The shooter’s 17th season, Arsenal, is live, bringing fans another legend, a coat of paint to a popular map, and a slew of balancing adjustments that may just make you take a detour to a care package and find an L-STAR.

The new legend, Ballistic, has been a familiar face for fans now. His Stories from the Outlands cinematic debuted on April 24, giving fans over two weeks to get acquainted with the new character. Ballistic is the first new legend to join the cast since Catalyst in season 15, since season 16 didn’t add another name to the lineup.

Heir to a large fortune and a seemingly even larger self-destructive drive, August “Ballistic” Brinkman made a name for himself in the Thunderdome Games, the predecessor to the Apex Games. Known for his flashy (if individualistic) playstyle. In the arena, Ballistic met siblings Sok Leng (who he later married) and Kit Siang. Kit Siang died in combat due to an oversight from Ballistic, and the daredevil millionaire became a recluse.

Ballistic was out of the spotlight for years. When his son Nathaniel wanted to join the Apex Games, though, he made a deal with Duardo Silva: He would return to fight as long as his son was out of the Games. Now, the Refined Gunslinger is bringing some of his old tricks to the Apex Gamesand the legends better watch out.

Ballistic’s abilities bring plenty of offensive potential with a hint of support. Whether by bringing in a third weapon, overheating enemies’ guns, or temporarily giving his allies infinite ammo, Ballistic has the potential to carve a name for himself in the Apex Games, just as he did in the Thunderdome Games decades before.

Ballistic isn’t the only new (or refurbished) addition to the game this season, however. World’s Edge is also getting a new coat of paint by transforming the divisive Fragment into a Monument POI, with a Museum in honor of the history of the Apex Games, the Thunderdome Games, and even some hints to Apex‘s development. The infamous “streamer building” is moving to a new area called Stacks, which will take the place of Lava City.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

World’s Edge also has a myriad of smaller updates. The lava across some parts of the map will be fully walkable, so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself or burning through your healing items. The new lava also opened up a new coveted central platform in the Harvester. Loot-hungry players can spot a new vault in the Skyhook tunnel, and the Outlands’ most infamous boat, the Mirage a Trois, will stay in World’s Edge.

Newcomers and veterans alike also have a new progression system ahead of them in the form of weapon mastery. You can advance your levels with your favorite weapons, getting some cosmetics and bragging rights as you rise through the ranks. Players can practice in the overhauled Firing Range, bringing more opportunities for them to get familiar with recoil patterns or just take a crack at the furious dummies in the arena.

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And if that wasn’t enough of a shakeup, Respawn Entertainment brought an earth-shattering patch for Arsenal. Support players have a lot to celebrate after reading the season 17 patch notes: all players in the same team as a Support legend can craft respawn banners. Support legends can benefit their team simply by existingand don’t worry if you do go down, since your teammates can craft your banner and bring you back to the fight. Even NRG’s sweetdreams was blown away by that change.

The L-STAR is also becoming a deadlier weapon in the right hands, moving back to the care package and getting both Disruptor Rounds and a little passthrough damage. The Kraber may not be the only weapon you’ll have to hide from.

To round out the weapon rotation changes, the Alternator and Sentinel move to the crafting rotation, releasing the 30-30 and EVA-8 back in the wild. The RE-45 made it back to floor loot to make up for the L-STAR entering the care package.

After a long wait full of teasers, players can finally try out the multitude of changes coming in with Arsenal for themselves. Whether you’re rushing to get Ballistic in your matches or just want to flex your new Support powers, there’s bound to be something in stock for all playstyles this season.

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