Gnaske’s gravity cannon mishap launches him out of Apex Legends Global Series regional final

Watch your head.

The Apex Legends Global Series is in the midst of its last two regional finals as the remaining teams in EMEA and North America try to solidify their place at the Split One Playoffs LAN today. Every place and point mattersand that’s why some of the game’s strange interactions can be so important.

One such interaction is how player characters interact with Storm Point’s gravity cannons. The gravity cannons typically don’t figure too heavily into pro play most of the time since it’s usually just too easy for a team to be waiting on the other end to take a team out. Or, as Kansas City Pioneers IGL Gnaske found out today, they can just send you flying completely out of the safe zone, regardless of what side of the cannon you’re on.

This is a weird one since players usually have to be inside the gravity cannon for it to work. In this case, it seems that the rock outcropping on the back side of the gravity cannon is close enough to the cannon’s launch zone that Gnaske’s slight jump while behind the cannon is enough to consider him inside of it. The top of his character model must just barely clip the launch zone, and he flies to his death because of it.

It’s a very unfortunate moment for Pioneers, who were in the top three in that game and could’ve done even better. And Gnaske let his feelings on the gravity cannon known very loudly. So loudly, in fact, that his teammates start telling him to shut up because they can’t hear what’s happening around him, even after he’s left his microphone behind.

It seems that everything ended up all right for Pioneers and Gnaske, however. They entered the ALGS regional final with their LAN spot nearly secured, so it’s easy to enjoy your games when you know you just need to do a little bit more work to win the bigger prize of going to an international LAN.

The EMEA regional finals are still currently ongoing, while North America takes the stage later today.

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