Gladiators triumph: Quinn topples Team Spirit in his European Dota debut

The PMA course must have worked.

The 2023 DPC season is yet to start, but some European Dota 2 teams got an ahead start in the competition in BetBooms Xmas Show, including Quinns new team Gaimin Gladiators (GG).

The new GG squad emerged victorious in the end and took home $25,000, but their flawless performance started to crack in their upper bracket finals.

After beating Nemiga Gaming and Virtus Pros new roster, GG was set to play against Team Spirit, TI10 champions. Considering Spirit also signed a new member for the 2023 season, the two were evenly matched.

Unlike the first two stages of the tournament, GG was down a member as Shad stood in for dyrachyo. This sudden change in the structure affected their performance, and GG found themselves in the lower bracket after a two-to-zero loss versus Spirit.

The lower bracket was already looking scary, as a rampaging Nemiga was waiting for revenge. After getting knocked down to the lower bracket by GG in the first round, Nemiga advanced to the final stage without dropping a single match.

As Nemiga won the opening match of the series, GG fans found themselves in a state of doubt, which quickly proved itself to be a short occurrence as GG found a way to come back on top with a solid Faceless Void draft.

Spirit and GG would meet once again in the finals, and Spirit already had a plan for GGs Faceless Void strategy. Though Spirit had the momentum in their favor, GG had another weapon in the form of Quinn.

The North American mid laner snowballed in three matches of the series with Sniper and Leshrac. His dominant gameplay allowed GG to stay ahead, and secure the first place in one of the last tournaments of 2022.

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