Giant mistake: Dota 2 players are running into bugs that supersize Muerta during games

With new patches come new bugs.

Just like any other MOBA, Dota 2 updates with new patches periodically. They are a tradition of the game, but with new patches come new bugs. One bug, in particular, has been making the rounds on Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube, providing some comedy relief to what feels like a grim period in Dota 2 history, just like Muerta’s backstory.

Coincidentally, this bug is about Muerta herself, the latest roster addition to Dota 2 comes with more than her own baggage. This bug is definitely something that a specific crowd of the internet community has taken to because it supersizes Muerta’s character model to incomprehensible levels.

The size increase can sometimes be so utterly ridiculous that it dwarfs the previous massive Undying + BKB + Bloodlust + Giant’s Ring combo. You can see the scale at which this bug operates in action.

As random as this bug can be, a more concise explanation of the bug (what we know so far) can be found below.

Hopefully, this bug will be patched out soon because it is quite glaring from what we can see. Blocking over half of the screen with the character model is very disruptive, especially if this bug pops up in more serious games like ranked matches.

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While this bug is quite entertaining at times, the latest Dota 2 patch is not as fun. This came as a surprise to everyone, despite Valve’s announcement of new changes to come on March 6, because we got a 7.32e balance patch instead of the long-awaited Patch 7.33 after over six months of waiting. The minor changes to heroes were not enough to offset the larger issues in the current meta.

Thanks to this, Patch 7.32e was a shadow of what we were expecting, leading to severe disappointment across the block. We will keep you updated with news of any major changes as Valve releases more information about their upcoming huge patch.

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