Getting Overwatch 2 cosmetics for free just got easier following in-game shop changes

This could be a game-changer.

Blizzard today made a small tweak to Overwatch 2s in-game shop that could signal a sweeping change to the way players can obtain cosmeticsand whats best is it will allow players to get more out of their Legacy Credits so they dont need to pay money for aesthetics.

With the games weekly shop reset today, a Mercy highlight intro was included in the shop that is notable because it has been purchasable using Legacy Credits as opposed to OW coins, which players typically need to pay money to obtain.

Legacy Credits are a renamed version of the original Overwatchs currency that was grandfathered into OW2. And while it initially didnt have many uses, the opportunities for cashing in on those credits have grown to include many legacy items in the game.

Screengrab via Overwatch 2

The OW2 item shop typically only includes items that can be purchased using OW coins. But today, the Mercy highlight intro Battle Angel was added to the featured shop for 20 percent off, making it 200 Legacy Credits instead of 250.

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This is the first time the games shop has discounted the Legacy Credit cost of an item, effectively making it easier for players to obtain more cosmetics without needing to buy OW coins. Its unclear how often Blizzard intends on putting more discounts like this into the game, but its certainly a welcome change to players who dont want to pay real money to get cosmetics.

Legacy Credits can be earned in OW2 through both the free and premium battle pass, making them one of the best ways to get targeted cosmetic items without spending money. This evolution of the OW2 shop is a move toward inclusion for players who dont want toor simply cant afford tospend money just to look cool while playing.

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