Genshin Impact developers tease new game, Zenless Zone Zero

MiHoYo launches a mysterious new project.

The team behind Genshin Impact has launched a website with a countdown for its next project, which is titled Zenless Zone Zero. The website miHoYo launched features a series of hints and details about the upcoming game.

The center of the website features a television playing static. A calendar to the left of it shows the month of May and has dates crossed off up to the present day with May 13 circled. Thus, it is likely a full trailer or announcement of some kind about Zenless Zone Zero will be unveiled on that day.

Image via miHoYo

There are also two dials on the television that play short scenes when clicked. While the details are pretty cryptic and oftentimes hard to make out, a breakdown of these scenes is as follows:

  • The first dial plays what appears to be an advertisement for a product called “Nitro Fuel.” The scene played features an intense battle between a massive tiger and a polar bear. Loud music and bear noises play until a voiceover comes in at the end saying, “When you do it, you do it too fast. Sensation beyond imagination. Nitro Fuel. Ignite your passion.”
  • The second dial shows breaking news that a “sub-holo” has appeared in the city, is taking over, and that the area is a “level-two control zone.” The news snippet ends by saying security is working on “evacuating residents.” The image onscreen throughout the news is a city with a black dome overtaking it.
  • If the second dial is clicked again, the screen stays mostly static with flashes of images and an eerie voiceover that repeatedly brings up “doomsday.” This voice is considerably less clear, somewhat menacing, and rambles on for quite a bit. Some words and phrases the voice utters include “disaster,” “curses,” “lies,” “being reborn,” “commissions,” “you must step up and be involved,” “don’t be afraid,” “it will not be a problem,” “you understand, right?” “you can do it, I’m sure of it,” “when you’re done, you can leave,” and “it’s okay if you didn’t understand.”
Image via miHoYo

Aside from the mysterious videos and dates on the calendar, there are not many other details that provide further insight present on the website. A poster with the word “family” can be seen above the television, a series of VHS tapes sit on the shelves to the left of the television, and another poster of a woman and a dog is hung on the wall to the right of the television.

Further information regarding Zenless Zone Zero is expected to come on May 13.

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