Gen.G “Rollin” with Jay Park as executive music and entertainment advisor

Gen.G takes one steps toward its community.

Esports organization Gen.G hired Jay Park as its new executive music and entertainment advisor, as reported by allkpop. The artist, who previously worked with Gen.G in 2021 on ALL IN, an original song for the League of Legends team, is now working on a new song called Rollin that will serve as an entrance for Gen.G into Worlds 2022.

According to the report, Jay Park will help build the bridge between the Korean music and gaming communities by focusing on finding more music artists to collaborate with and producing tracks that will showcase the most important moments for Gen.G.

“Practically every young artist Ive worked with has mentioned how into gaming they are, Park told allkpop. This year, being officially new to Gen.G, I wanted to make Rollin to pay tribute to an incredible LCK championship run for Gen.G and show my support for them as they try to make history at Worlds.

Geg.G CEO Arnold Hur said he is excited to welcome Park on board as the intersection between gaming and music continues to grow. The CEO highlighted how Parks addition to the organization will help amplify Gen.G’s commitment to deliver unforgettable experiences for our Tiger Nation, the exclusive community created for the teams fans.

With everything we have planned in the near future, we needed someone to creatively help us define and execute on the excitement Gen.G has in store for our fans and partners,” Hur said. Additionally, the organizations CEO wants to work toward the creation of a platform that would help young Korean artists find the right marketing opportunities and exposure needed. 

Gen.G will start their climb towards the Summoners Cup on Oct. 7 at 9pm CT when theyll face LPL representatives Royal Never Give Up.

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