Gen.G reclaim share of first place in 2022 LCK Summer Split after beating SANDBOX

Gen.G and T1 now share the top spot.

Gen.G had a tough matchup today in the 2022 LCK Summer Split. They had to take down the in-form Liiv SANDBOX to remain in a tie for first place in the LCK Summer Split standings. But they conquered this challenge and did so in style.

The first game of this League of Legends match was the shortest one yet of this years LCK season. Gen.Gs Zeri and Yuumi combo was unkillable and was a headache to the enemy team. Moreover, Peanut’s Wukong and Dorans Gnar also proved to be essential in teamfights due to their crowd control ultimates.

With the help of a second Rift Herald, Gen.G successfully pushed for SANDBOXs Nexus and secured the fastest win in the 2022 LCK Summer Split so far. They also ended the game with 16 kills to SANDBOX’s one.

The second game was closer. SANDBOX gained a slight gold lead thanks to some perfect rotations that caught Gen.G out of position in the early game. To counter this, Gen.G stopped overextending and started focusing on map objectives. They farmed until their champions started scaling. 

With Dorans Gnar and Peanuts Poppy acting as the frontline, Gen.G won teamfights thanks to Rulers Ezreal dealing huge damage to the enemy champions. SANDBOX then fell against the onslaught of Gen.Gs aggressive gameplay, allowing Gen.G to clean sweep the series 2-0. Ruler ended the second game with a 9/3/7 scoreline on Ezreal.

With this win, Gen.G are now tied with T1 atop the LCK standings with an 8-1 record. They will compete against Nongshim RedForce on July 17 at 6am CT. SANDBOX are in third place at 6-3 and will be facing Hanwha Life next on July 15 at 6am CT.

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