Gen.G dominate this split’s All-LCK team lists

T1, KT, and SANDBOX also featured.

The 2022 LCK Summer Split regular season has been an exciting journey for both teams and fans. Gen.G was domineering in the group stage, allowing them to secure the top spot on the points table and becoming only the third team to win 17 games or more in an LCK split.

So, it is not surprising to find four players from the Gen.G lineup have been selected for the All-LCK First Team. They are Peanut for the jungle role, Chovy for mid lane, Ruler for AD carry, and Lehends for support. The top lane spot of the All-LCK First Team was earned by Zeus from T1.

Out of all the junglers in this years Summer Split, Peanut has the best KDA and the least average deaths in the regular season. Meanwhile, Chovy has the best stats in almost every parameter when compared to other mid laners in the years LCK Summer Split.

Picking Ruler and Lehends for the AD carry and support roles in the All-LCK First team was not surprising. The bottom lane duo have reigned over their lane, outshining enemy counterparts in almost every match. They also played key roles in turning matches whenever Gen.G found themselves in a pinch. 

T1s Zeus has been the undisputed king of the top lane. He has the highest average kills out of all the top laners and has often carried T1 whenever the team found itself against a wall. 

The All-LCK Second Team consists of Gen.Gs Doran for the top lane while T1s Oner, Faker, and Keria have been selected for the jungle, mid lane, and support roles. Liiv SANDBOXs Prince has earned his spot as the AD carry in this team. All these players have performed exceptionally well in the regular season, albeit having a little less impact in their games than the ones selected in the first team.

The All-LCK Third Team is comprised of KT and SANDBOX players. Both these teams have punched above their weights and earned their spots in the playoffs. From KT, the selected players are Rascal and Aiming for the top lane and AD carry. Croco, Clozer, and Kael from SANDBOX have been selected for the jungle, mid lane, and support roles.

Being selected in the All-LCK team lists shows that these players have performed brilliantly in their respective roles. During challenging moments, they have carried their teams over the victory line. With the LCK Summer Playoffs starting tomorrow, these players will have to give their all if they want their team to advance further into the tournament.

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