Gangplank, Kayn, and other champion adjustments coming to League Patch 12.14

Could the Saltwater Scourge finally be getting his mid-scope update?

A series of champions are receiving adjustments in the next League of Legends patch.

Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, the lead game balance designer for the Summoner’s Rift team, shared a list of balance changes last night. Five champions are set to receive “adjustments” in the upcoming update, including Gangplank, Wukong, Aatrox, Janna, and Kayn (red form).

Phroxzon didn’t detail the specifics of all the changes, but he did underline that the dev team are “focusing on stability for the rest of the season.” Players should expect smaller patches throughout the following months of the year, outside of the World Championship patch, which is expected to go live sometime in September.

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But the dev did expand on one champion adjustment. In a separate post on Twitter, Phroxzon detailed the changes coming to Gangplank in the next patch. His base stats, including his health, health per level, and base armor, are set to be tweaked, and Trial by fire (passive), Parrrley (Q), and Powder Keg (E) are all receiving a boost to their base and bonus physical damage. To compensate for the changes, Powder Keg’s bonus damage on critical strike will be decreased.

On July 17, Riot said it intends to ship more mid-scope updates in the future. In 2022, several champions have already received mid-scope updates and the devs are expected to launch updates for Gangplank and Rell before the end of the year. Looking at the changes, it seems like Patch 12.14 could finally be delivering on Gangplank’s mid-scope update.

Other changes in Patch 12.14 include a boost to Pantheon jungle and nerfs to enchanter supports, to name a few. The patch is expected to hit the live servers on Wednesday, July 27.

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