GamerLegion upset CS:GO world number on the way to 2-0 record in Rio Major Challengers Stage

AcoR is on fire.

The IEM Rio Major 2022 Challenger Stage has been a straightforward event so far, with only the occasional upset surrounded by a series of predictable match results.

Best of ones are notorious for being the reason good Counter-Strike teams get sent home early, but not many analysts or fans saw this result coming.

GamerLegion handled the number one CS:GO roster, Team Vitality, with ease. Vitality boasts a collection of stars players, including Mathieu ZywOo Herbaut, Lotan Spinx Giladi, and Peter dupreeh Rasmussen, but couldnt keep up with the likes of GamerLegions star sniper, Frederik acoR Gyldstrand.

AcoR took absolute control on Vertigo, with the AWPer racking up 25 kills and 14 deaths. The rest of the GamerLegion squad held strong as supports. Thanks to acoRs heroics, GamerLegion took Vitality down 16-10.

The Danish sniper had a rough time on his former MOUZ squad, but he’s enjoyed a reversal in fortunes recently. Hes taken down the likes of G2, forcing them out of one of the last Challengers Stage spots, and is now besting the likes of Vitality. 

GamerLegion now has two lifelines remaining in case things go south. The international roster goes further into the Challengers Stage with their next match being a best of three.

If acoR can keep up this sizzling energy, theres no telling what scalps the Counter-Strike roster will take with them to the Rio Major 2022 Legends Stage.

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