Game-winning play proves Bang is VCT Americas’ most clutch player so far

Bang is a beast!

Following 100 Thieves nail-biting matchup against Leviatán on April 24, Sean bang Bezerra has joined the cream of the VCT Americas clutch win percentage club. The young prodigys astonishing plays not only reinstated North Americas hope in the professional VALORANT league but also pushed 100 Thieves up the weekly table to the fourth position, just under Leviatán.

Besides garnering massive appreciation from fans after winning the clutch, bang has grabbed the highest clutch success percentage achievement in VCT Americas with a laudable 41 percent win rate. Cloud9s Nathan leaf Orf comes second with 32 percent success, followed by NRG Esports Sam s0m Oh at a 30 percent win rate.

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The VCT Americas League has, so far, witnessed multiple noteworthy clutches at the hands of top professional VALORANT players. Bangs famous clutch against Leviatáns trioMazino, KiNgg, and Tacollilahas, however, found a long-term place in the audience’s minds.

Bang was left alone swirling his Champions 2021 Karambit as Omen with a little over 20 seconds left on the clock as his teammates fell against Leviatáns kiNgg and Mazino late in the series decider on Lotus.

At 12-11 and with the Spike dropped in the middle of B site, the 19-year-old had limited options. Should he pull off the one-vs-three clash, or give Leviatán a second chance in overtime? Despite the pressure, he didnt seem to lack confidence.

Bang pulled out his Phantom and gunned down Mazino, who was at five health after the chaotic opening fight. He used his Paranoia through A Link and pre-fired at KiNgg, who was positioned in B Upper. He then slid into A Link and took down Tacollila, who, crucially, had activated his Jett’s Blade Storm.

With four seconds left on the clock, he pulled out his Shorty and aggressively pushed KiNgg, who was tucked into the left corner of the B Upper entrance, thus grabbing the seemingly unwinnable round.

The way bang took care of the close Leviatán situation and executed his plan to steal the round win was mighty impressive. It was one of the best clutches in his career, and several onlookers have deemed the performance the best play of the VCT Americas 2023 season so far. Adding in his other successful clutches in 100 Thieves VCT Americas clashes, he is deservingly on top of the list.

Itll be interesting to follow bangs journey from here on out as he looks to stay on top of the competition in clutch success. 100 Thieves next face-off against NRG Esports in Week Five of VCT Americas on April 29, where the star player faces fellow clutch rifler s0m with the third-highest clutch wins in the season so far.

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