Game-breaking League items glitch is reducing champions’ maximum mana to single digits

Your maximum mana could take a major hit thanks to this glitch.

League of Legends’ streak of game-breaking bugs is continuing. Following the Yuumi bug which will delay the release of her rework, there is another major glitch that can affect players when getting access to the Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will through the Biscuit Delivery rune from the Inspiration tree.

According to the debugging master and content creator Vandiril, a new bug affects players when they undo their items after they are given the biscuits (one every two minutes, until the six-minute mark).

The bug enthusiast found out that undoing items right after you get cookies will reduce your maximum mana by 80 for every undone item.

This means that champions can get up to 400 less mana if they get their inventory full. For low leveled champions, the mana reduction can lead to champions getting single-digit mana pools, or even worse, zero maximum mana.

With modern League champions having high mana costs right from the start, this bug can lead to players being unable to even cast one single spell.

The bug is likely related to the biscuits and their interaction with the undo/selling process in the shop. Ever since their minor rework in season nine, selling biscuits grants an extra 40 maximum mana.

While it’s highly unlikely to undo so many items early on in the game, this bug can have a major impact on specific matchups or lanes. At the time of writing, the developers have yet to release a hotfix to rectify this bug.

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