Galactus teams up with another villain to prove why he’s one of the best cards in Marvel Snap

Kneel before Galactus, and his friend.

Some locations in Marvel Snap exist just to annoy players. They are almost unplayable to the point where the flow of the game tends to shift to just winning two, or even one, locations with a tolerable effect. But there are some cards that can help players win these unplayable locations, including a renowned villain in the Marvel universe.

Arnim Zola is an evil scientist who transferred his consciousness to a computer. In Marvel Snap, he can destroy a card in the location where you played it and add copies of it to other locations. This effect disregards the “play” condition of the locations that do not allow players to play cards. But what made a play posted by user AgentIntersect on Reddit earlier today so interesting was the targeted card by Arnim Zola when they used him in the form of the most hated card in all of Marvel Snap, Galactus.

Galactus is one of the most powerful beings in the whole Marvel universe. He is depicted as a gigantic villain who eats planets as his power source. And in Marvel Snap, there is no doubt that his ability is a game-changing one since he can destroy the other locations if you are successful in playing him. Galactus is already a legitimate powerful card. But some players tend to be even more creative on how to trigger his effect and eventually win the game, including AgentIntersect.

As seen in the users Reddit post, they used Mister Negative to exchange the cost and Power of all the cards in their deck. This paved the way for AgentIntersect to play Galactus in one location since it already became a two-cost, six-Power card. But on turn six, this was followed by a pretty devastating yet creative and lucky play courtesy of Arnim Zola.

Arnim Zola was played on the location where Galactus was placed. Luckily, its effect chose Galactus as the target even though Adam Warlock and Iron Man were also there. Arnim Zola placed a copy of Galactus in the open Sanctum Santorum. This location prevents players from playing cards there. But the destruction and eventual addition of a Galactus clone in Sanctum Santorum was an exception. And even though it was added through Arnim Zolas effect, it still triggered the ability of Galactus to destroy the other locations, eventually giving AgentIntersect the win.

AgentIntersect was fortunate that Galactus was the one destroyed by Arnim Zola. This time, the villains came out on top and wrecked the match with one snap.

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