Gaimin Gladiators lose key player as post-TI11 shuffle starts early

The free agency market is already taking off.

The International 2022 will conclude on Oct. 30 for the three teams still competing, but for those out of the competition already, plotting for the upcoming DPC season has already begun. 

While Dota 2 fans were focused on the TI11 finals, Gaimin Gladiators announced the departure of Miroslav BOOM Bičan in one of the first true bombs of the soon-to-be offseason.

Many fans likely expected GG to rally together again after a relatively successful season with hopes of improving heading into the next DPC season and TI12. However, the organization has confirmed that BOOM is walking away from the team, which could signal additional changes for the roster. 

Based on the wording, it appears BOOM is leaving on good terms with the organization, and it was likely a decision made on the back of an expiring contractas most teams signed during a season in Dota only get guaranteed contracts through the end of their TI runs. If that is the case, the rest of GG are also likely free agents and are discussing contracts with the org before deciding whether to stay or test the waters.

Formerly known as Team Tickles, the squad has been together since November 2021, forming from the ashes of and Hellbear Smashers post-TI10. As a result of their early momentum, the squad was picked up by GG and went on to win the first tour of the 2021-2022 Western European DPC regional league. 

That momentum carried them throughout the season as one of the regions biggest surprises, with a fourth-place finish at the Stockholm Major and a guaranteed spot at TI11 locked in very early on. Even with a poor final Tour in the DPC, GG still entered TI11 ready to challenge the best teams in the worldeventually landing them into the main event in a best-of-one after a shaky showing. 

Largely on the back of BOOMs incredible play, GG made it through a controversial series against Fnatic. But their run would be cut short in the next round after a tight 1-2 loss to OG, seeing the roster exit in a tie for ninth place.

BOOM will be among the most sought-after midlaners in Europe based on his performance and growth this season. There are multiple teams and orgs looking to rebuild in the region, and he will likely have his choice of rosters to join once the dust settles post-TI11. 

Who knows, maybe BOOM.BOOM actually has a chance of happening. 

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