Gaimin Gladiators become the fourth team to ever win back-to-back Dota 2 Majors

The Dota 2 pubs aren't ready for a two-time Major winner Quinn.

Gaimin Gladiators showed off their unrivaled prowess once again as they triumphed over Team Liquid at Dota 2s Berlin Major, clinching their second consecutive Major title in 2023.

Building upon the anticipation from their previous encounter at the Lima Major finals, GG and Liquid engaged in a fierce battle, with Liquid showing stronger resistance this time around.

Despite Liquids improved performance this time, GG proved themselves again as the reigning Major champions even after one of the most game-changing balance updates, 7.33.

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Though it hasn’t even been a month since the latest patch was released, GG quickly found themselves a comfortable spot. Especially in the finals, GG was prepared with comfort picks like Keeper of the Light and Pangolier.

While Liquids Nisha was finally evenly matched in the mid lane versus GGs Quinn Callahan, Anton “dyrachyo” Shkredov put on consistent and solid core performances that solidified GGs lead in most of the series, eventually leading to a 3-1 victory.

With this triumph, GG also became the fourth team to ever win two back-to-back Majors in Dota 2 history after OG, VP, and PSG.LGD. Considering GGs dominant performance, they are guaranteed to participate in The International 2023 unless they make drastic roster changes, which is unlikely.

Though Liquid has been falling one step short of glory in Majors, they also secured their seat at TI12 due to their impressive results in the regional Dota Pro Circuit.

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