Gabe Newell’s absence at Paris Major stretches unwanted CS:GO streak to 12 years 

So you're saying there's a chance?

Valves almighty overlord Gabe Gaben Newell has introduced the Dota 2 International on multiple occasions over the years, but when it comes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and its premiere esports events hes been out of sight, out of mind.

Newell is the co-founder and current president of Valve corporation, but didn’t appear at any of CS:GO’s Majors since its conception.

The recently completed BLAST Paris Major 2023 extended Newells absentee streak to 12 years, meaning hes missed all 19 of the biggest tournaments in CS:GO history.

While Newells absence is essentially expected at this point for Counter-Strike players and loyal fans alike, it didn’t stop gamers gathering to lament why the head honcho has avoided CS:GO like the plague all these years. Players flocked together on May 24 to question why hes never attended a Major through CS:GOs lifespanand plenty weren’t happy.

On the flip side, a pool of Valve gamers said they understood Gabe obviously has a favorite game from among the company’s ranks, and CS is not it.

Others even went after the disgruntled fans themselves: a collection of the CS:GO fans said they’re convinced the community would react negatively no matter what Gaben didso why should he fret over what they’re going to say?

Some even claimed hed be ridiculed for simply showing up at the last minute to steal the spotlight. It’s already been 17 missed Majors, they added, so why is Valve’s top dog missing Paris such a shock?

Many fans simply took solace in the fact Counter-Strike 2 is coming at all.

Maybe CS2 will be different, they said. Gaben might appear out of thin air, surprising all Counter-Strike fans for the first-ever CS2 Major next year. With Counter-Strike being Valves newest cash cow now, according to some fans, theres always a chance hell make an appearance in Copenhagen for the 2024 event.

Is it likely? We can definitely say it’s not, but fans can dream.

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