G2’s mONESY discovers OP one-way Molotov in CS:GO

The kid just keeps on surprising.

Some professional CS:GO players are known for discovering grenade spots in the gameand it looks like G2 Esports’ Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov is quickly becoming one of them.

In Rodyon “fear” Smyk’s recent streama player from Natus Vincere Juniorhe and m0NESY tested out new nades spots on various maps in the official map pool, including Nuke, Dust2, and Mirage. On the latter, G2’s sniper showcased an overpowered Molotov, which can be used to take easy control over mid.


The Molotov is thrown from the vent, as demonstrated by m0NESY above. It lands on a tiny surface of the window, but it doesn’t spread into the window position itself, allowing the CTs to remain in their position. Once the 17-year-old threw the molly, he crouched underneath the fire animation, from where he could see the entrance to the mid from the terrorists’ spawn.

In this scenario, the Ts would be confused because their vision of the lower left part of the window would be completely engulfed in flames. This would give the crouching CT player a clear shot of mid, making this an incredibly strong nade spot.

The clip was posted to CS:GO’s subreddit and people began to discuss its viability and if Valve will fix it. In the discussion, one user posted another way of throwing the same incendiary grenade from inside the window, which in most cases should be much easier to execute.

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