G2’s insane scrim stats show just how dominant they were in LEC Winter Split 2023

They dominated games both in LEC matches and offstage.

G2 Esports proved they were the best League of Legends team in Europe when they won the 2023 LEC Winter Split final over MAD Lions on Feb. 26.

Now that the Winter Split is officially over, general manager Romain Bigeard showed how dominant the team was off the stage as well, with impressive scrim stats.

Over the whole Split, G2 Esports completed 255 games with a 76 percent win rate, which equals their onstage win rate. In addition, the average game time of their scrims was just 22 minutes.

Those stats show how much G2 consistently dominated the region at the start of the competitive season.

The table also revealed some other interesting stats. G2 Esports didn’t cancel any scrim throughout the Split, similar to Koi who didn’t cancel any match against them.

This wasn’t the case for the lowest teams in the rankings, however. Fnatic, who didn’t make it to playoffs, canceled all games against them, as did Astralis.

On the other side, Excel played over half their games against G2 Esports despite being the lowest-placed team in the Split.

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Fans were divided over scrim cancellation by low-ranked teams. Some called out those teams as having a weak mentality, while others were more understanding.

“Without a mental reset you are running your head into a steel wall and sure, you can grind it out and keep getting dumpstered in the hopes that you can learn something to improve,” wrote a high-voted comment on the news’ Reddit thread.

“But, the truth is when you lose that hard, there is no real chance to learn anything other than how to spread your cheeks for the next match.”

G2 Esports showed outstanding consistency this Split, despite coming into the season after building up a new roster. Now, many are wondering what they’re capable of on an international stage.

Still, they’ll have to compete in the LEC’s Spring Split before heading to the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational in London, later in spring.

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