G2 win lengthy CS:GO battle against BIG in ESL Pro League season 16 with the help of NiKo and huNter-

The Kovač cousins shined once again.

G2 have come out on top of a two-map CS:GO series against BIG in ESL Pro League season 16’s second day of Group B.

Both Mirage and Vertigo went to overtime, and although BIG looked brilliant in parts of these two maps, G2 had the firepower of the cousins Nemanja “huNter-” Kovač and Nikola “NiKo” Kovač to help them secure a clean sweep.

HuNter- was the difference maker on Mirage (19-14), having finished the game with 39 frags and just 17 deaths. BIG played well for the most part but collapsed once it went to overtime, despite the best efforts of Josef “faveN” Baumann, who finished with a 33-19 K/D.


BIG seemed completely reset on Vertigo (19-17) as they dominated the first half playing on the CT side. The win in the second pistol increased their advantage to 12-4, but a key victory in the eco round put G2 back in the game and gave them the confidence to fight back. G2 pushed BIG to overtime and took the map after winning three consecutive rounds on the T side thanks to the efforts of NiKo, who contributed with 36 frags.

This victory against BIG puts G2 in a prime spot to advance to the ESL Pro League season 16 playoffs. They are undefeated in the competition so far, having defeated MIBR 2-0 yesterday too. The international team spearheaded by the Kovač cousins will still play against FaZe Clan, Outsiders, and FTW, and one win should put them through to the playoffs.

As for BIG, they’re yet to win a single map in ESL Pro League season 16 and are only above FTW in Group B. At least two wins will arguably be necessary for the German side to reach playoffs, but that will be a tough task considering BIG still have to face FaZe, one of the best CS:GO teams in the world at the moment.

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