G2 vs. C9 to spearhead day 2 of IEM Rio CS:GO Major Europe RMR A

Will HooXi successfully lead G2 to another victory, this time against one of the best teams of the tournament?

The second round of IEM Rio Major Europe Regional Major Ranking (RMR) A has been defined after Ninjas in Pyjamas took down Astralis today. The second day of the CS:GO event will have eight teams playing in the 1-0 pool of the Swiss system and eight teams playing in the 0-1 pool.

The most interesting matchups are in the 1-0 pool, and Cloud9 vs. G2 is clearly tomorrow’s match of the day. The Russian powerhouse breezed past B8 in the opening round today, while G2 had a perfect match and 16-0’d ECSTATIC. The rest of the 1-0 pool matches of Europe RMR A are FaZe Clan vs. Fnatic, NiP vs. Bad News Eagles, and Team Spirit vs. Sprout.

The 0-1 pool, on the other hand, will most notably feature Astralis going toe to toe with Eternal Fire to try to win their first match in the competition. GamerLegion, who almost upset FaZe today, will play Aurora, while B8 vs. ECSTATIC and forZe vs. 1WIN complete the second day of Europe RMR A.

Tomorrow will be the last day of only best-of-one matches in Europe RMR A since the third day will feature advancement and elimination matches, which use the best-of-three format. All of the other matches are being played as best-of-ones.

The standings for Europe RMR A are as follows:

PositionTeam WinsLosses
6Bad News Eagles10
11Eternal Fire01
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