G2 player points to 3 maps Valve should have added to CS:GO’s map pool instead of Anubis

He believes Valve had much better options.

One CS:GO player isn’t fond of the latest change to the map pool.

Rasmus “HooXi” Nielsen, the in-game leader for G2 Esports, criticized the addition of Anubis to the active map pool in an interview with Blix.GG today. The Dane believes Valve has plenty of better maps it could have added to the pool instead of Anubis.

“I don’t understand why they would add Anubis, even though I haven’t played it,” HooXi said. “there’s so many other good maps that they could have added.” As examples, he pointed to Train, Cobblestone, and Tuscan, which he said are much better replacements for Dust 2.

For HooXi, the removal of Dust 2 from the map pool isn’t all bad though. “I hated it,” he said. But the player also underlined that G2 as a team liked Dust 2 and it was a strong map for them in the rotation, meaning this change could hurt the squad.

Anubis was unexpectedly added to the active map pool in place of Dust 2 on Nov. 18. Other major changes included reducing AWP’s magazine size to five and making the silenced M4 weaker from distance by lowering its long-range accuracy. HooXi admitted that when it came to the weapon changes, he’s probably going to use M4A4 in the future.

The player is now preparing for the BLAST Premier Fall Final. The tournament kicks off today, but it’s being played on the previous patch. The BLAST Premier World Final, which begins on Dec. 14, will be played with the latest update, however.

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