G2 Gozen signs longtime Guild X rival to complete title-worthy VALORANT Game Changers roster

A familiar foe joins the star-studded team.

With a title to defend heading into 2023, the reigning and first-ever VALORANT Game Changers champion in G2 Gozen has picked up a player from its longtime rivals in EMEA in an attempt to fill the void left by one of the game’s greats.

G2 Gozen officially acquired Vivian “roxi” Schilling from Guild Esports today, adding a reliable and proven sentinel agent and smokes presence to their championship-caliber roster prior to the start of the 2023 season. The move comes after G2 Esports announced a new women’s CS:GO initiative earlier this week called G2 Oya, a project that former Gozen VALORANT captain and longtime Counter-Strike veteran Julia Juliano Kiran will lead going forward.

Juliano’s departure meant that G2 Gozen, soon after their historic grand finals reverse sweep to win the inaugural Game Changers world championship, would need to fill the hole in its roster. The team opted to go with a player they’re very familiar with in roxi.

During roxi’s one-and-a-half-year stint with Guild X, she and her teammates faced G2 Gozen six times (four of which were best-of-three series) in 2022 alone, and nine times overall while she was with the team. While G2 Gozen have most of the head-to-head victories with seven overall, Guild X hold the most recent win and arguably the biggest one, defeating G2 Gozen in a best-of-five in the grand final of EMEA GC Three.

But it was G2 Gozen who ended up with the last laugh of 2022, going on to win the Game Changers world championship while roxi and Guild X finished top-six after two separate losses to North American teams Shopify Rebellion and C9 White. G2 Gozen and Guild X never had the chance to face off at the 2022 world championship.

But all of that is now behind both teams as roxi joins a G2 Gozen roster that is still considered an elite group within Game Changers: Mary, mimi, Petra, and Glance. The first 2023 EMEA Game Changers series is set to start in April.

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