G2 decimate NAVI on Ascent to punctuate lower bracket EMEA VCT LCQ victory

A statement victory for the G2 roster.

In what looked like a potentially close VALORANT series, G2 Esports dominated NAVI on their own map pick to take a decisive 2-0 victory today and move on in the lower bracket of the EMEA VCT Last Chance Qualifier.

G2 looked confident on the attack side of their Bind pick, using the controlling utility combo of Viper and Astra to choke off NAVI’s defensive angles across both sites. G2 secured a 7-5 lead going into the second half and started their second half on the right foot with a clean retake in the pistol round. G2 initially struggled to maintain momentum through a myriad of technical pauses but shored up their defense with a solid second-half performance from mixwell on Chamber, capped off by a magnificent B site hold from AvovA.

AvovA’s impressive round to end Bind was somehow outshined on Ascent. The Danish controller notched three separate clutches early on G2’s defense and started out with nine kills and zero deaths during G2’s 6-0 start. NAVI looked flustered on attack, routinely fumbling executes and post-plants, letting G2 capitalize and punish them over and over. G2 ended the first half leading 11-1, losing the last round of the half to pure and understandable overconfidence. G2 overwhelmed the NAVI defense in the second half pistol to go up 12-1, and while NAVI scraped a couple of defensive rounds off force buys, G2 ended the map in the first full buy thanks to their saved Sova ultimate.

This win for G2 is one of their most dominant in recent memory and couldn’t have come at a better time with their backs against the wall in the lower bracket of the EMEA LCQ. G2 have struggled with consistency all year, but the form they showed today is a good sign for fans looking to see the team reach Champions. They still have to win three more series to do that, with their next one scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 13 at 10am CT against the winner of OG LDN UTD vs. Guild.

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