G2 completes ALGS squad by adding one of the best controller players in Apex

The aim assist is strong with this one.

G2 finally has its trio set for year three of the Apex Legends Global Series with a move that continues the orgs reputation of fielding some of the most-feared controller fraggers in Apex. The team signed Nathan “ChaoticMuch” Gajkiewicz to the squad today to join longtime members Dezignful and Resultuh.

Chaotic, a native of the U.K., will compete with G2 in the North American Pro League beginning on Nov. 6. He had previously announced his intention to move to NA with a new team after the ALGS Championship in July but soon after began filling in for G2 following the departure of Gent from their competitive roster. On stream following the teams announcement, Chaotic said he had pretty much moved to North America already, but that he would be staying in different places while in the region to compete in Pro League.

Chaotic first rose to prominence as a talented ranked grinder around season 11 when more established players like 100 Thieves NiceWigg and ex-TSM content creator Noko began playing with him on stream. It wasnt long after that Chaotic jumped directly into the competitive scene as a substitute for the then-K1CK esports roster, who were missing their third player due to visa issues, at last seasons Split Two Playoffs in Stockholm.

While K1CK ultimately fell just short of making the grand finals of the Split Two Playoffs, finishing 22nd out of the 40 participating squads, Chaotic impressed with his fragging ability and poise. Despite never competing in the ALGS before that event, he stepped into this substitute role and showed off his deadly accuracy and aggression on LAN.

Now, Chaotic will be tasked with helping right the ship at G2. Once considered one of North Americas best teams in Apex, the controller trio fell well short of expectations, finishing in eighth in North Americas Split One playoffs, a lowly 35th at the ALGS Split Two playoffs LAN, and not qualifying for the ALGS Championship at all. The teams fighting potential is unquestioned, but their ability to clutch up in vital situations and maintain their normal level in big moments and tournaments was found lacking last year.

Undoubtedly, the team is hoping that Chaotic will add a bit more consistency to their fragging power, helping them maintain better finishes in the biggest stages for year three of the tournament series. Fans can find out if it’ll work when the ALGS kicks off on Nov. 6.

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