G2 celebrates Jankos’ birthday with victory over Rogue in second-half of 2022 LEC Summer Split

Happy birthday to the best jungler in Europe.

Take a deep breath, G2 Esports fans. After two weeks without a win, the perennial LEC champions finally got back into the winner’s circle with an impressive victory against the hottest team in the league, Rogue.

Rogue came into the fifth week of the split on a league-best eight-game winning streak, having gone perfect from the second week onward. They looked like the best team in the region by far, with the most consistency of any top-level team. G2, on the other hand, have struggled to find the same form they had back in the 2022 Spring Split. The samurais were set on a four-game slump as they clashed against their opponents today.

In the early game, G2 maintained a small lead over Rogue due to Malrang’s inability to find successful ganks on Volibear. It also didn’t help that the Relentless Storm was hit with significant nerfs recently, which made his impact even worse. Although they’d fight back with some well-timed picks on Broken Blade, Rogue couldn’t keep up with G2’s revitalized teamfighting.

At 21 minutes, for example, G2 would dominate a teamfight through superior positioning, along with some great movement from Flakked, blowing the game wide open with a free Baron soon after. The young AD carry popped off throughout the game, dishing out a ton of damage on Aphelios.

A couple of mistakes from G2 gave Rogue a Baron of their own later in the match, but a huge late game play by Broken Blade forced Rogue to split off the team to defend the base while also trying to contest the third Baron of the game. G2 swept the ensuing teamfight, grabbed the Baron, and the Elder Dragon on the way to a 38-minute victory.


Birthday boy and star jungler Jankos said that throughout their losing streak, G2 struggled with finding the right composition for the current meta. It also didn’t help that they were underperforming individually. This victory could, however, represent an upward swing for the defending champions.

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