FURIA’s arT chimes in on IEM Rio Major crowd potentially helping teams on stage

The in-game leader shared his thoughts.

A new issue surfaced during the IEM CS:GO Rio Major after the audience at the venue helped their favorite teams by giving away opponents’ positions. Now, FURIA’s in-game leader has commented on the problem.

Andrei “art” Piovezan underplayed the criticism towards the Brazilian crowd, saying there will always be issues with on-stage audiences in esports. “There is a crowd problem in every esport, in every tournament,” he said in an interview with Dust2.us

“I’m really too focused on the game that I cannot even hear because of the in-ears with noise control. I cannot even hear singular people chanting or calling spots, it’s impossible to hear,” arT added.

The player admitted he can hear the crowd shouting “ohhh,” which can sometimes give away a player trying to go for a knife kill. But when it comes to fans trying to give information to the home teams, the players “cannot ever hear that.”

Still, it was popular Brazilian CS:GO streamer Gaules who sparked the discussion, which led ESL to disable the minimap and x-ray for the audience in the Riocentro arena. A few people working on-stage, including HLTV’s Danish Allana, pointed out that the crowd was cheering when a Brazilian player looked in the direction of an opponent.

ESL’s changes in the on-stage broadcast might make a difference, but it’s also possible that they’ve come a bit too late. 00 Nation and Imperial Esports, two out of three Brazilian squads at the IEM CS:GO Rio Major, are already out of the tournament.

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