FURIA vs. GamerLegion highlights day 3 of IEM Rio CS:GO Major

Three teams will be sent home tomorrow and three will advance to Legends Stage.

Tomorrow for the first time in IEM Rio Major Challengers Stage, the first stage of the competition in which Contenders and Challengers clash, will only feature advancement and elimination matches.

From now on, all matches in the Challengers Stage are exclusively best-of-three series. There will be three matches between teams that are in the 2-1 pool of the Swiss system and three matches between teams that are in the 1-2 pool. Teams that secure three wins advance to Legends Stage and teams that lose three are knocked out.

The biggest matchup of the day will take place tomorrow at 4pm CT featuring FURIA, the best and only all-Brazilian squad left in IEM Rio Major after 00 Nation and Imperial’s elimination on Nov. 1, against GamerLegion, the European team that eliminated G2 in the Regional Major Ranking (RMR) and have collected the scalp of Vitality in the Brazilian Major. This is one of the 2-1 pool matches of IEM Rio Major.

Another big matchup will be 9z vs. BIG at 9am CT. They both have a 2-1 record and 9z is almost half-Brazilian. They are a South American mix with two Uruguayans, one Argentinian, one Chilean, and two Brazilians in form of AWPer Lucas “nqz” Soares and head coach Rafael “zakk” Fernandes. The crowd will undoubtedly be in favor of both 9z and FURIA tomorrow as they have been for all home teams.

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These are all of the IEM Rio Major day three matchups:

Wednesday, Nov. 2

Round four (2-1 pool)

  • 9am CT: 9z vs. BIG
  • 12:30pm CT: Fnatic vs. Outsiders
  • 4pm CT : FURIA vs. GamerLegion

Round four (1-2 pool)

  • 9am CT: OG vs. IHC
  • 12:30pm CT: Vitality vs. Grayhound
  • 4pm CT: C9 vs. EG
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