FURIA and 00 Nation’s Brazilian derby spearheads second round of Challengers Stage of CS:GO Rio Major

The home crowd has some games to look forward.

The second round of the Challengers Stage of the IEM CS:GO Rio Major 2022 is about to start, and it features some hefty matchups.

The Brazilian home crowd has some exciting games to look forward to. Two of their favorites, 00 Nation and FURIA, are expected to open the second round with a derby matchup. Another Brazilian team, Imperial, will also meet a South American squad in the form of 9z.

Aside from the home-crowd favorites clashing for a place in the 1-1 bracket, there are a bunch of other series that are expected to bring viewers tons of emotions. Even matchups have been drawn in the 1-0 bracket, where OG will meet Fnatic, Vitality are going to clash with GamerLegion, while Evil Geniuses and BIG will face MOUZ and Bad News Eagles, respectively.

In the 0-1 bracket, though, there are more one-sided series on the way, at least on paper. In the South American derby games, FURIA and Imperial are expected to come out on top. Similar results are expected from Cloud9 and Outsiders, who will face Grayhound and IHC, respectively.

The second round matchups are as follows:

1-0 games

  • OG vs Fnatic
  • Vitality vs GamerLegion
  • Evil Geniuses vs MOUZ
  • BIG vs Bad News Eagles

0-1 games

  • Cloud9 vs Grayhound
  • 9z vs Imperial
  • Outsiders vs IHC
  • 00 Nation vs FURIA

The Challengers Stage of the IEM CS:GO Rio Major 2022 resumes at 4pm CT with 00 Nation taking on FURIA and Outsiders facing IHC. All remaining games today will be best-of-one series, while the elimination and qualification series, which begin tomorrow, will all be best-of-three matches.

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