Fueled by Farlig: Astralis breeze past MOUZ in EPL season 16

The Danish AWPer has had one of his best individual performances under the Astralis banner.

Astralis have secured their first three points in ESL Pro League season 16’s Group C following a clean 2-0 victory against MOUZ today.

The Danes overall displayed better CS:GO today after their shocking defeat to Complexity yesterday in the opening round of the group. Not only their tactical game plan looked sharper, but all of their players contributed to the fragging department. Yet, the best Astralis player on the server was the AWPer Asger “Farlig” Jensen, who finished the series with a 51-24 K/D and 1.46 rating, on top of an impressive triple kill in the final round of Nuke to push his team over the finish line.


Farlig has been criticized for some lackluster performances since he arrived in Astralis in February 2022 and it has been reported that the organization is looking to bring Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz back. Still, today he gave fans a glimpse of what he can do if he plays more aggressively.

Astralis completely had MOUZ’ number on Inferno, despite it not being their map pick, and quickly closed out the game 16-7 after an impressive 7-1 victory on the T side in the second half. The game on Nuke offered much more of a threat as MOUZ won the first half by 11-4, but Astralis had a good CT side of their own to come back, thanks to also the impressive showings of Farlig and Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke.

Now both MOUZ and Astralis have three points in EPL season 16’s Group C. The day will carry on with Complexity vs. HEET at 9am CT and ENCE vs. Heroic at 12:pm CT.

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