Fudge on how latest C9 roster is faring: ‘I do think our team is slowly starting to come together and play better as a team’

But the League of Legends team still have some things to work on, he admitted.

Cloud9’s League of Legends roster are finally starting to pick up synergy, Fudge revealed in a recent interview with Esports.GG.

The team beat CLG 3-2 in the first round of the 2022 LCS Summer Split playoffs on Sunday, Aug 21. After the game, Fudge admitted that Cloud9 “still have a lot that we need to work on as a team,” but they’ve been improving every week, slowly beginning to play well as a team.

Fudge explained that at the beginning of the 2022 Summer Split, C9 had to focus more on individual aspects of the game due to roster changes and role swaps that needed time to be implemented properly. “At the start of the split was sort of focusing more on our individual play because obviously like for me role swapping back to top lane, Zven going to support, Jensens first split back… We all have to improve our individual play first before were able to really improve as a team,” he said.

Nevertheless, the squad is finally learning how to function as a team and everyone now feels comfortable in their new role. “I do think that our team is slowly starting to, I guess come together and sort of play better as a team,” Fudge said.

When it comes to improvements C9 could make as a team, Fudge listed three of themnot positioning properly in mid to late-game teamfights, making mistakes while setting objectives, and getting caught randomly. In his eyes, some drafts could be improved as well, with C9 sometimes having “a bad idea of what is good.”

With a victory over CLG, Cloud9 have moved onto the second round of the upper bracket where they will face Evil Geniuses on Sunday, Aug. 28.

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