Frustrated Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players dream up fix for ongoing Tera Raid issue

Tera Raids are fun and all, but...

Since the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, players have voiced their concerns about the games’ performance, and this extends to Tera Raids. Many of the reoccurring issues in Tera Raids involve the time limit, but there might be a few solutions for Game Freak to consider.

In each Tera Raid, there is a time bar that slowly goes down as you battle the raid boss. The main issue for players is that too much time gets eaten up by cutscenes, awkward pauses, fainting, unnecessary text, and more. This might not seem like a huge deal in easier raids, but time definitely plays a larger role once you’ve unlocked seven-star raids.

On May 3, Reddit user Supernovae1998 mentioned how the clock doesnt seem to stop for stat changes or while your Pokémon is Terastallizing. The Terastallizing cutscene often feels like its taking forever, while its tedious to address individual stat changes or super-effective hits on each ally Pokémon. Having the option to turn off cutscenes and certain animations would help limit how much time is wasted from the clock.

Then theres the issue with fainting. When your Pokémon faints in a Tera Raid, you automatically lose a big chunk from the time bar. It doesnt end there, though. In addition to losing that chunk of time, the clock continues to tick while youre waiting for your Pokémon to be revived. One player called this a double dip, since youre getting penalized twice for fainting once.

Another player added, I hate how the game just pauses before the shield goes up but the timer is still going. 

To kill even more time on the clock, Reddit user Tiamatt44 pointed out, they even have a warning cutscene telling you that you’re almost out of time that is also preventing you from doing anything while also eating at the timer. Then they offered a fairer solution: Remove the cut scene and make the time bar flash to let players know theyre running out of time.

Other players suggested the timer should be replaced with a turn limit. Rather than having precious time get eaten away by cut scenes and whatnot, it might be fairer if players had to beat the raid boss within a certain amount of turns. That way, players wont feel as frustrated with all the tedious pauses and cutscenes. 

Scarlet and Violet aren’t the only games receiving backlash in the franchise. Pokémon Go players have also been vocal about the declining state of the game to the point where many have even gone on strike.

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