Frustrated Overwatch 2 players discover one Kiriko bug is still around ruining plays

Patience is wearing thin for Kiriko mains.

Overwatch 2 players have been complaining about the state of Kiriko, frustrated that her Teleport ability is still plagued by bugs long after her release on Oct. 4, 2022.

Players have shared examples of the bugs they’ve been consistently experiencing with the support character, most of them are happening around her Teleport.

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A glitch on Kiriko sometimes prevents her from using her Swift Step to teleport to an ally, as shown in a popular Reddit thread.

In the video, Kiriko can be seen nearly falling to her doom when her Teleport is inexplicably canceled.

Although Kiriko might be able to teleport in another attempt right afterward, she might lose her cooldown or a precious second that would have changed a fight’s outcome, which can be critical.

“PvE is no more and Kiriko TP has been bugged nearly half of 2023 while you update the shop,” the user wrote. “Constantly lowering the bar in the industry.”

Similar threads reporting the glitch have appeared in the subreddit and across social media. Others reported a different bug that will make Kiriko teleport to a random place between them and the targeted ally’s location.

This was taken as a catalyst to criticize the overall state of Overwatch 2 since it received backlash for the cancellation of its PvE mode on May 16. Players say the game’s quality is progressively lowering since the sequel was released.

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