From teddy bears to wolves: xNova joins BOOM Esports for 2023 Dota 2 season

The BOOM rebuild is complete.

BOOM Esports finalized its Dota 2 roster for the 2023 DPC season in a series of announcements today. JaCkky, TIMS, and skem left the team, and BOOM kept the Yopaj-Fbz core and strengthened the squad with xNova, Xepher, and Natsumi.

XNova announced his free agency at the beginning of November, and he was even willing to relocate. Most xNova fans wanted the veteran support to return to his home region, SEA, and their calls were answered. The pro will make his grand return to the SEA DPC in the coming months. This also means the end of xNovas stint in China, which played host to one of his most memorable Dota events. he had to play alone on the stage with teddy bears by his side due to health issues RNG encountered during TI11.

BOOM finalized its roster with Natsumi, who recently left Polaris Esports, and Xepher, after a two-year-long sitting in T1. BOOMs latest squad will once again be coached by Mushi, one of the most iconic players from the region, and the team will be up against tougher competition in the upcoming season.

Though BOOM as an organization dominated the SEA DPC last season, a new challenger in the form of Blacklist International entered the arena, making the region even more stacked than it was. The latest rosters will have a month to prepare for the 2023 pro circuit, and the teams that can blend well in time will have the advantage in the first tour.

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