Frenzy breaks the Ghost’s dominance in VCT Americas

Up close and personal in Los Angeles.

The Ghost may be the most popular pistol choice among pro VALORANT players across the world, but in VCT Americas, it is just narrowly being outperformed by a drastically different sidearm.

After day one of week six, the Frenzy is barely outpacing the Ghost when it comes to total rounds selected during VCT Americas, with 522 Frenzy rounds compared to 518 featuring the Ghost, according to analytics from While this may seem like a minimal difference, it’s a big win for Frenzy enjoyers when compared to numbers from EMEA and Pacific.

In EMEA, the Frenzy isn’t even in second place, with 269 rounds compared to 487 with the Classic and a staggering 717 for the Ghost. In Pacific, the Frenzy fares a little better at 483 rounds but still trails behind the Ghost at 548.

The player in Americas that’s thrived most with the Frenzy turns out to be one of the league’s best overall players, aspas from LOUD. Aspas has registered 33 kills with the Frenzy (before today’s match versus 100T), the most in the league. Coincidentally, he also has the highest amount of kills with both the Shorty and the Operator, demonstrating how proficient he is at getting kills from up close and afar. He also leads the league in ACS with a 264 average.

Overall, the weapon usage stats between the Americas and Pacific are relatively similar when compared to the drastically different numbers from EMEA. In the Americas and Pacific, the Phantom and Vandal are close to an even split, while the Vandal is significantly favored more in EMEA.

The increased Frenzy usage could very easily be related to increased Skye usage in VCT Americas; Skye is easily the most used initiator there. Because Skye favors quick hits and a more aggressive style of play, holding corners in post-plants and taking more close-range fights is more frequent, meaning a greater need for the Frenzy.

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