Free gear? Here’s how WoW: Dragonflight players can get a high-quality item in Patch 10.1 with little effort

Hit the ground running in Patch 10.1's gearing race.

If youve fallen a bit behind World of Warcraft: Dragonflights gearing curve, fear not. Players have an excellent chance to catch up as soon as they log into Patch 10.1 thanks to a new quest that rewards them with one of the freest pieces of gear Blizzard Entertainment has given out all expansion. 

As soon as you log into WoW during Patch 10.1, which went live on May 2, youll be able to pick up a quest in Valdrakken called Fighting is its Own Reward. This quest requires you to complete five Heroic-level Dragonflight dungeons, and at the end of it, youll be able to get a chest of gear that contains an item at ilvl 415. Players can pick the quest up from Kemora in the Azure Archives Annex in Valdrakken, which is the same place where you can turn in Ancient Vault Artifacts to Lillian Brightmoon. 

Completing five Heroic dungeons can be done in less than an hour, and since Heroic is a relatively easy difficulty (at least compared to Mythic+), you shouldnt have much trouble at all finishing five quick ones. Once youve finished queuing for and completing five Heroics, head back to Valdrakken to turn in the quest and collect your gear. 

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When turning in the quest, it is absolutely imperative that you select the Heroic Dungeon Delvers Trophy Chest as your reward since this chest will contain the 415 item level gear piecewhich is equivalent to a piece of gear from Normal-level Aberrus. Once you start earning Shadowflame Crests, youll be able to upgrade that ilvl 415 item all the way up to item level 437. 

Beyond the practically free gear players can earn from completing five Heroic dungeons this week, the game is also giving players a chance to earn Heroic-level gear from the Vault of the Incarnates this week by completing four Mythic dungeons and five Timewalking dungeons. Heroic gear from season ones raid drops at ilvl 402 and scales up to ilvl 411. 

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