FPX ‘shocked and disappointed’ by EMEA VALORANT partnership snub

The org isn't pleased that it didn't get partnership after a very successful 2022 in VALORANT.

Riot Games released the list of VALORANT teams that were granted partnership this morning. Shortly after, FunPlus Phoenix, which is a China-based organization that fielded players from various EMEA countries, released a statement relaying its disappointment in not being selected.

“Today we share the unfortunate news that we are not selected by Riot for the next VCT partnership program in 2023, which means we’ll be unable to compete in the highest-level Valorant league next year,” the statement reads. “On behalf of the FPX esports, we’re shocked and disappointed [regarding] this result.”

Since Riot has revealed that past competitive performance “was not a key consideration” in its process, fans have more context as to why the decision was made. Riot was looking for organizations that shared its values, had a strong fan base, and who are planning for long-term sustainability.

The statement went on to mention that FPX had an outstanding year in VALORANT. They won Masters Copenhagen and finished in the top four at Champions 2022. In terms of EMEA teams’ performances, FPX are the top-ranked team, according to VLR.gg, with Fnatic, a team that did get partnership, right behind them in the No. 2 spot.

The org said that since it cannot compete at the highest level of VALORANT, it will now focus on taking care of its players in the near future. While not explicitly saying it, the statement from FPX regarding its plans for a long-term investment likely means that the org will be looking to secure a new home for its players.

It is unclear whether FPX will try to field a tier-two roster for next year’s VALORANT competition. For now, the org is making sure that its players are taken care of, and more news about what will happen for FPX or whether it will field a VALORANT roster in the future will come at a later date.

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