FPX edge out OMG in nailbiting series, advance in 2022 LPL Summer Playoffs

What a way to kick off the postseason.

In a showdown between FunPlus Phoenix and OMG, both teams fought to stay alive in the LPL Summer Playoffs in a competitive five-game series. FPX ultimately came out on top 3-2 and advanced to the next round of the postseason after an impressive comeback.

Although FPX grabbed Zeri for Lwx in the first game, which allowed Lwx to dominate teamfights and register an impressive 7/0/6 KDA en route to victory, OMG showed their patented resilience. 

OMG AD carry Able played phenomenally on his Aphelios in game two, where he single-handedly carried his team to the cusp of victory, thwarting some of FPXs glorious attempts in making a comeback. His impressive 15/3/11 KDA speaks volumes about his contribution to this game.

Shanji, OMGs top laner, also had moments of brilliance with his Rumble pick in game three. His Equalizer ultimate set up perfect engagement opportunities for his team. Even while acting as the frontline, he dealt near about 30k damage to enemy champions, helping OMG gain a 2-1 lead in the series.

With their backs against the walls, FPX decided to gamble on scaling champions like Yone and Kennen. While these picks generally work only in lower-elo ranked games, FPX somehow made it work in the playoffs! Cares Yone was able to jump directly onto OMGs backline, sometimes picking off enemy champions even before the skirmish began. 

OMGs defense finally crumbled allowing FPX to level the series.

By this point, FPX seemed to have finally found their groove. The decider game five looked more like a one-sided stomp by them. Care again became a headache for OMG, this time on his Akali. He wreaked havoc across OMGs ranks, picking up even a quadra kill. 

With the Baron buff, FPX successfully conquered OMGs base, winning the game and sealing the series with a 3-2 victory.

While OMG had a shot at winning the series today, FPXs bounce-back shows that everything is possible at this stage of the tournament. FunPlus will now face the 2021 world champions, EDward Gaming, next in the LPL Summer Playoffs on Aug. 19.

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