Four-way tie for second in Group C emerges after Heroic beats ENCE in ESL Pro League

This group will be close.

René ‘TeSeS’ Madsen and the rest of Heroic easily handled the international ENCEs Counter-Strike roster. This is Heroics first win in ESL Pro League Season 16, with only three matches left for each squad to see who makes it to the playoffs.

Heroic started the match by picking ENCEs weakest map, with this choice seeing an excellent start in the best-of-three.

Heroic took down ENCE 2-0, with TeSeS rolling out a stellar performance on the first map, Ancient (16-13), then clinched the win in a nailbiting finish, preventing the ENCE roster from progressing past 13 rounds.

The second map, unfortunately, wasnt as close for ENCE. Vertigo (16-10), was filled with an incredibly solid CT side from Heroic. Casper ‘cadiaN’ Møller and TeSeS made mincemeat of ENCE with ease, preventing any T-side aggression. 

Group C has a four-way tie for second place, with an unexpected first place in the form of Complexity. 

The only thing separating these squads is round difference, which sees Astralis poking their head above the rest. Heroic lost to MOUZ 0-2 in the first round of Group C, with a redemption match against ENCE finally going their way. 

The second CS:GO matches for new pickups Valde and SunPayus on the ENCE side didnt go as planned, but theres still room to make it to the ESL Pro League playoffs.

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