Fortune awaits with TFT’s new game mode and launch of Lunar Gala event

Let the party begin.

The annual Lunar event is returning to Teamfight Tactics, offering players exclusive arenas, Tacticians, and various other personalizations. 

The 2023 TFT Lunar Gala event is scheduled to launch on Jan. 12 at 1pm CT. Chibi Panda Annie is hosting the event this year at the House of the Golden Rabbit. Players will have a total of 15 missions and some sweet goodies as a reward for completing the missions. The event will also feature TFT’s first temporary game mode called Fortune’s Favor. 

Both the Lunar Gala event and the Fortune’s Favor game mode will run from Jan. 12 to Feb. 9. Completing the 15 missions prior to the release of Patch 13.3 on Feb. 9 will earn players a total of four separate rewards. 

  • A total of 1,600 XP on the TFT Set Eight Pass
  • One emote
  • A total of 100 Star Shards
  • One Egg that may contain any of the Lunar Revel-themed Little Legends

Players seeking a change of pace from missions and ranked standard play will have the option to check out the new limited-time game mode, Fortune’s Favor. Designed to offer players the wildest end-game comp boards in the history of TFT, there are three major gameplay changes players will find in Fortune’s Favor. 

  • The opening carousel will always have all tier-four or tier-five champions.
  • Loot orbs that drop through a Golden Bun Bun that increase from Stages one to five.
  • A Golden orb upon a player’s Tactician dropping below 50 health.

A wide variety of new cosmetics are also available to players throughout the duration of the Lunar Gala TFT Set Eight event. Players can attempt to party in style through the House of the Golden Rabbit or take out an opponent with the new Chibi Panda Annie cut scene that includes a Panda Choncc. 

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