Fortnite’s ODM Gear breaks building but Epic is on the case

You don't need to build when you can swing.

While Fortnite Chapter Four season three might only have a month left, there’s still plenty to do, including fully utilizing the ODM Gear from the Attack on Titan crossover. However, it turns out there’s a new bug that prevents players from being able to build once they’ve activated the ODM Gear in a match.

Obviously, this won’t affect those in the Zero Build mode, but it’s still a frustrating issue that’s likely affecting hundreds of thousands of players.

Thankfully, Epic Games flagged devs are aware of the issue on May 8. The studio also listed several of the potential fixes for the glitch and warned dropping the AOT ODM Gear before building is back can disable it for an entire match.

According to the Fortnite devs, players can try to switch weapons and then swing again using the ODM Gear after they notice the issue, at which point the building mechanic may come back. Make sure you don’t drop the ODM Gear before you do those actions, since it could cause the mechanic to disappear for the rest of the lobby no matter what you do.

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Epic is working on a fix but gave no timeline on when it should hit live servers.

Most Fortnite bugs of this magnitude are resolved within days, if not hours, after they’ve been identified. This particular issue is fairly game-breaking, so it would be in Epic’s best interest to get it resolved as soon as possible.

For those who want to play on even ground in the meantime, the Zero Build mode will allow you to use AOT’s ODM Gear without fear of any negative consequences.

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