Fortnite data miners tease a Dragon Ball Super favorite joining battle royale

It's been a good year to be a Dragon Ball fan.

Fortnite has seen considerable success over the last couple of years thanks to the inclusion of some of the hottest anime brands to come out of Japan. While it started with Naruto in 2021, then Epic Games introduced the first round of Dragon Ball cosmetics last August, with a second round in December.

Now, it seems Epic may have at least one more skin for DB fans.

According to Fortnite content creator and data miner GMatrixGames, they were able to grab the textures from the file labeled “DualParadox” in the most recent update on May 7. While it mostly looks like splotchy colors, reputable leakers ShiinaBR and HYPEX further gave credibility to these rumors when they stated that the famous Goku Black variant from Dragon Ball Super would be released into the battle royale soon.

HYPEX goes as far as to give an actual day, saying the new skin could release on Japan’s Goku Day on May 9.

It’s largely regarded as the holiday to celebrate the cultural influence of anime, so it makes sense Epic would add such a new character when the genre has been so important. Since the holiday is named after Goku, it only makes sense he would get added.

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GMatrixGames also claims this new skin is a different model than Son Goku, which was added last August. This likely means it will be its own skin and not just an alternate style like the Super Saiyan forms. That being said, we’ll have to wait for official confirmation from Epic in the coming days before locking anything in.

This new Goku skin could release during Chapter Four, season two, which is also seeing an Attack on Titan crossover.

It’s very possible Fortnite players will be able to unlock the new Goku skin and then be able to see him swinging through the trees using ODM gear in a single session.

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