Forsen is back on the Minecraft speedrunning grind after xQc breaks longstanding record

The rivalry continues.

Its one of the longest running sagas in modern streamingxQc and Forsens epic Minecraft speedrunning duel has been going on for years. It started in Oct. 2020 when xQc broke Forsens record with an impressive time of 20 minutes and 38 seconds, and continued when Forsen snatched it back by seven seconds in April 2021.

The juicer warlord has tried and failed to beat it again multiple times since that fateful day, but he finally managed to do so during his Twitch stream on Jan. 4, and he was ecstatic about it.

In typical xQc fashion, he taunted Forsen on Twitter moments after it happened. In addition to issuing an official notice Forsens record had been destroyed, he also said it was time for Forsen to submit to the purgatory [of defeat] once again and called him a nub.

Forsen didnt respond to the tweet, but he did watch a clip of xQcs triumphant moment on stream. He said xQc holding the record would only be temporary and vowed that he would learn how to walk before he can run by incorporating the advanced shenanigans required to beat it. It wasnt just talk, either; Forsen backed up his words by walking the walk.

The Twitch star fired up Minecraft right away and started trying to figure out how he can improve his time. It seems like putting xQc back in his place is his number one priority.

Considering it took xQc almost 18 months to beat Forsens last record, theres a chance it could take Forsen a similar amount of time. Some fans, however, think he can do it in less than two days.

Itll be interesting to see how things pan out. Regardless of what happens, though, the heated rivalry has been reignited once again, and its bound to produce some more thrills and spills for the streamers and their communities.

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